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Forklift Leasing is a great way to keep working captial for your business.

What is Forklift Leasing and Why is It So Popular?

It is essential for your business to have equipment to do it's job; capital is equally important because it allows your business to continue to grow. It takes considerable effort and the right financial solution to keep both of them held onto. Forklift leasing can allow your business to collect a powerful asset without the need of a huge down payment. Instead of paying for it from your capital reserves, you will pay for it through your operating budget. You will also have quite a few different options at the end of the lease term: upgrade to new equipment, extend your forklift leasing option for a reduced rate, buy the equipment for a very small fraction of the cost, or simply return the equipment and walk away.

Equipment leasing is utilized by the vast majority of most American companies, small and large. The number of companies utilizing this continues to grow dramatically as more and more businesses discover all of the advantages for leasing in today's market. It is not hard to believe that leasing is the quickest expanding and greatest external source of capital investment in the United States because of how much the advantages out-weigh the dis-advantages. Once you are able to fully comprehend it, the economics can make it a viable alternative to ownership.

Which is best, leasing or buying outright?

The choice depends. For example, what will happen to the equipment’s value as time goes on? What will the value be at the end of the economical life cycle? Will the equipment remain functional or become obsolete before the end of its useful life? Can the capital or credit line be better used to leverage the financial returns? Which option will provide the best tax advantage?

Wise Forklift, Inc. provides a wide range of leasing and financing products, from several equipment specific lenders, that are customized to meet your business needs.
Some of our most popular products are featured below.

1. Full Payout / $1.00 Purchase Option
Equipment is purchased at lease end for a nominal amount of $1.00.


2. Lease with Fixed Purchase Option
Equipment is purchased for an amount specified in the lease or returned at lease end.


3. Tax or True Lease
Equipment can be purchased for a fair market value at lease end, extend the lease or return the equipment.


For more information, please contact a member of our Equipment Sales Team - Jerry Morgan (Florida and SW Georgia) 850-814-4537 or Dan Kimball (Alabama and SW Georgia) 334-655-8348.

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